Do You Have an Eye for Detail?

“Don’t sweat the small stuff.” It’s a saying you have probably heard before, but is it still valid in today’s world of marketing? Don’t get me wrong, being able to see the bigger picture is always an important quality in marketing. However, the bigger picture cannot be built without the small stuff. In marketing, hammering out the details of a marketing strategy can be an intensive process, however, it’s essential in order to build an effective brand your company can be proud of.

At Baer Performance Marketing, we have an eye for detail. Do you? In honor of the NFL lock out finally ending, we have put together this Lambeau Field challenge. Can you find all seven differences in these two photos? Leave your answers below!

Lambeau Field

Click here for a larger image!


2 responses to “Do You Have an Eye for Detail?

  1. Sorry to ruin it for the rest – light post missing (right of flag between statues), one vs two banner flags on light post (between statues), sky, plate on statue, small ground light (by the tree on one and bottom right on the other), light bulb missing (center light post fixture), wooden post plastic flag (orange vs pink)

  2. Correct Brian! You are now our official answer sheet. Thanks for participating!

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