The Best Part of Waking Up is Folger’s in Your Cup!

While sipping my daily cup of coffee and thinking about what to write for this week’s Flashback Friday blog post, the memory of old coffee advertisements from the 80s and 90s came to my head. Just like millions of other people across the country, I started thinking of that memorable Folgers jingle sung over and over in various ways but always to the same melody.

Founded in 1850, The Pioneer Steam Coffee and Spice Mills was bought out by James A. Folger 22 years later, and the Folgers Coffee brand was developed. Over the course of time, their advertisement campaigns spread across the country making their coffee the top selling brand in the United States.

Although Folgers has been around for over 150 years, the catchy jingle that everyone seems to know wasn’t created until 1984. Composed by Leslie Pearl, this tune has been re-sung over and over again by musicians such as Randy Travis, Aretha Franklin and Rockapella in the styles of jazz, folk, gospel, R &B, country, Celtic and a cappella. What is so great about this jingle is that no matter if you’ve heard it once or one hundred times in your life, the minute you see the words written, you can’t help but hum the song in your head. In fact, for the past 27 years “The Best Part of Waking Up” has been the slogan used in almost every advertisement created by Folgers.

Whether it’s Folgers or some other brand of coffee, having that boost of energy in the morning is and always will be one of my motivators to get out of bed in the morning and is truly the best part of waking up.

Below, I have included a flashback to 1984 with one of the first Folgers commercials using their jingle and slogan that would forever brand their company. Do you remember this?


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