The Continuing Problem of No Comments

In case you missed it, last week we offered free Wisconsin Dells Season Opener Cards to folks that commented on our blog.

We had a stunning turnout.

Actually, one person commented.

Shockingly, she won the drawing.

Our contest winner, Kris, expressed an interest in taking her kids to see the stuff she enjoyed when she was a kid.  That just has to be the best feeling ever.

Well, how about that, Kris!  Hope you and the family enjoy your time in the Waterpark Capital of the World with the Season Opener Card.

Now, on to our next item of business: if giving free stuff away to potential commenters doesn’t encourage readers to share their thoughts, what will?

Apparently a lot of people have this question, because when I searched for answers on Google, one of the first results had this tidbit from a study by professors at Warsaw University of Technology:

…people who comment online are often motivated by emotions, and negative emotions at that.

Well. We don’t want to post the kind of controversial stuff that’s going to get people ranting and raving.

So, let me revise my question: how can we encourage readers share their thoughts in a rational and positive way?  It seems like most people don’t want to respond to bland prompts like, “Do you agree? Share your thoughts in the comments below!”

Honestly, I probably wouldn’t respond to that either.  I just don’t feel compelled to spend time commenting on something that most likely, no one will respond to.

So, we still have Season Opener Cards aplenty.  Tell us what would get you to start typing furiously in the comment box, and maybe you’ll wind up with some hot discounts at the famous Wisconsin Dells.

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7 responses to “The Continuing Problem of No Comments

  1. We have found that by offering a monetary gift, like a gift card to one of our programs, or VISA gift card has gotten us some feedback on our programs. I don’t think you have the wrong idea of offering the Wisconsin Dells Season Opener Cards. We have found that our participants tend to respond more when we are asking questions about their kids, or what their kids would like. It seems that people will comment on either extreme satisfaction, or extreme dissatisfaction.

    • Extreme satisfaction, huh? We’d prefer those positive responses.

      I think you’re right about people wanting to talk about their kids, definitely. I wonder if the same applies for talking about pets.

      • I think people will comment on pets more than they will there children! Seriously, for people who don’t have children, the pets are their family. There are a lot of pet lovers out there.

      • So true. I don’t think there are too many pet owners that don’t like to talk much about their pets. Except for maybe goldfish owners.

        You know what? Scratch that. I owned a goldfish named Frankie for almost seven years. I won him at a festival, and I’ll talk about him to anyone that asks!

  2. Katrina Rivera

    I think that you should find a subject that everyone can relate to. Not everyone has children or pets.

  3. Great post! Thanks for sharing!

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