How to Manage a Facebook Page: Answers in <300 Words.

Alright. Here’s everything you wanted to know about Facebook. Yes, we’ve got answers to all your burning questions in less than 300 words.

 How can we get likes on our Facebook page?

Offer potential fans something, like the opportunity to win tickets to see your local sports team/circus, free sample product, or a free Facebook landing page.

 A “landing page?” What is that? Do I need one?

Landing pages welcome new fans and basically pitch the idea of liking your Facebook.  It’s like having a smooth wingman on Facebook.  And yes, you need one.

Okay. Now what kind of content should I post?

Little bit of everything. Promote blog posts and articles, especially if you wrote ‘em.  Show followers what you’re doing for clients.  Design a new logo? Share it.  And don’t be afraid to be a real, live, interesting person.  I find that most of our feedback is for updates that tell people what we’re doing in the office.

How frequently do I need to post?

It depends on what kind of page you have and what kind of people like that page.  We post once or twice a day, but two or three times a week is good too.  Just remember to post consistently, like at the same time of day or time of week.

What day is the best to post?

Saturday, weirdly enough. Not interested in waking up on Saturday morning, putting on pants, and writing a Facebook post?  Use a program like HootSuite to write posts on Thursday afternoon and release them a couple days later.

Well, if I want to post on a weekday, what time should we post to achieve maximum sharing?

8AM or 6PM.  Right when people arrive at the office, before they leave work, or as soon as they get home.

 How much time do I need to spend on this “social media” thing?

57% of marketers spend about six hours a week managing social media.  We spend, ah, a lot more.

Am I missing anything major? Let me know.


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