How to Blog for Business When Your Mind Goes Blank

Well, it’s happened. I’ve finally run out of blog ideas.  The well is dry, my friends.

So I’m going to write about things to do when you don’t have any blog ideas.  That way I’ll have a list to come back to when I feel a case of brain block coming on. Plus, some of you social media/marketing bloggers could probably benefit from this too.  Even regular-type bloggers need a new idea every now and then.

1. Inspire your readers with a personal story about yourself or your company.  Not so much “What I Had for Breakfast This Morning” or “Why I Can’t Live Without My Cats,” but more, “Why I Decided to Start My Own Business.”  Stories can be pretty powerful.  You can draw readers in with a story more than you could with a list of statistics or a pile of facts. People can relate to human experience.

2. Scroll through recent Tweets and Facebook status updates.  What posts are getting responses?  Why?  Certain businesses benefit from raw creativity while others find that information drives responses.  What works for other people?  While you’re at it, figure out what works for you.  That might be an interesting post too. (I’ll even help you out with this one. Here’s a good place to start.  I also follow Skittles religiously on Twitter.)

3. Compare something, anything to marketing.  This one has the power to either drive up your page views or make you look like a dolt, so be careful.  How is marketing like, say, school lunch?  Or baseball?  Or a cheeseburger?  Stretch your brain.  Don’t be afraid to think outside the box.  You might find that by the time you’re done writing, you’ll have come up with some new insights on a subject that’s getting tired.

4. Post a picture.  A picture is worth a thousand words, right?  If you can create a neat infographic, do it.  If you can share a screenshot of your most recent work, do it.  If you had an office pizza party, upload a photograph.  Toss a caption on and BOOM. You’re done. (Bonus: People like to look at pictures.)

5. Write a list of things to write about when you don’t have any ideas.

If all else fails, go ahead and convince a guest blogger to fill in for you.

Now you can attack your blog with renewed vigor.  If these posts help you out at all, let me know.  I mean, who doesn’t like a pat on the back?


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