The Internship Experience: Megan Rousseau

Here’s a blog post from Megan Rousseau, one of the devoted interns at Baer Performance Marketing.  Megan currently studies Communications and Media at St. Norbert College in De Pere, WI.  She will graduate this May.

Being an Intern at Baer Performance Marketing is not your typical coffee girl/boy experience. I am part of the creative team, I attend client and brainstorming meetings (where I allowed to put in my input), manage multiple social media accounts for clients on my own, and learn skills that I can actually take with me into my career.

When Megan isn't hard at work in the office, she enjoys posing for pictures in the garden.

This experience is unique, and the stories I come home with at the end of the day are endless.

Sharing one of my great Baer Performance Marketing adventures is totally necessary at this point in my “intern story.” One Monday in the office, the three of us interns were working diligently on our media campaigns, upcoming events, and blog posts. Our stomachs were rumbling so we decided that going to Noodles & Company for a quick “business” lunch was necessary. After our carb packed meal, we headed back to the parking lot to pile into my small coupe. WELL, trying to avoid a puddle, I backed into my side mirror, breaking it off completely. I was devastated! How could I actually have broken it off with the minimal force of my body? I had to have been the victim of a hit and run, right?

The other interns and I put our minds together to figure out a strategic plan of how to get back to the Baer office without having my mirror dangling off the side of the car. After figuring out that we needed to roll the window down and hook it inside the door, we made our way back to work.

This type of collaboration is essentially how a brainstorming session in our office goes. We all spit out possibilities, laugh at some, throw some out, but keep the ideas that are solid and unique. The team of staff and this relaxed yet professional environment allows me to get my creative juices flowing, to get my work done, and to be able to learn more about marketing and social media than I would have in any class setting. In order to be successful at this internship you need to be able to speak your mind, have passion for what you are doing, and not be afraid to get out of your comfort zone for a while. Although I don’t have to get my bosses coffee in the morning, I do have to give them and our clients my best work and my attention every day.

[Editor’s note: Megan recently had the mirror reattached and will not have to suffer the unbearable humiliation of being “one of those duct-tape cars.”]


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