Petite Lap Giraffes: DirecTV is #Winning

A post on Facebook this morning brought to my attention the potential existence of something called a “Petite Lap Giraffe.” I immediately visited the website for Sokoblovsky Farms, Russia’s Finest Purveyor of Petite Lap Giraffes, and fell in love with the miniature giraffes.   However, I couldn’t figure out where the damn things came from.  Websites for petite lap giraffes don’t just appear overnight.  Then, on the bottom of one page, I found the source: Here is our most famous petite lap giraffe, Ivanka. Now she is big time celebrity, movie star. And this video:

DirecTV! I couldn’t remember those advertisements about thirty seconds after I saw them on TV.  In fact, if you would’ve shown me a commercial without the DirecTV logo at the end, I would’ve had no idea what company was behind the campaign.

Well, that was yesterday.  This is today.  Now I know all about the petite lap giraffes featured in DirecTV’s most recent television commercials:

Petite Lap Giraffes are very funny animal that require special care. They need lots of love. Hugs and kisses every day. Otherwise they make tears.  If you have children, petite lap giraffes no problem. If child is loud, the giraffe will be shy, but does not bite. PLG’s are very clean. With training they will go in box like cats.

The site even includes a phone number to contact Sokoblovsky Farms, which I have called, of course.  I also spent some time intently watching the live giraffe feed and checking out the two DirecTV ads on the website.  Now, not only am I #117,586 on the waiting list to receive a petite lap giraffe, but DirecTV is floating around on the top of my mind.

By pairing their television ads with a website, DirecTV seriously increases exposure of their campaign.  Links to the Sokoblovsky Farms website and DirecTV commercials are everywhere on Facebook and Twitter.  The internet is abuzz with discussions about whether or not petite lap giraffes are real [um, nope] and who could be masterminding the whole thing [Grey New York].

This campaign is pretty weird.  It’s creative, unusual, and hilarious, which makes it 100% buzz-worthy.  So, go ahead.  Spend some time watching the giraffe-cam to see what the bull Vladimir does around the farm!


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