Creative Billboard Ideas–And Why They Work

Today, we’re working on developing a couple creative yet effective billboard ideas for one of our clients, Lakeland Lawn Care.  I thought I’d explore the Internet to figure out what makes a billboard legendary.

So, what makes a good billboard?

Simple design concept. This billboard from Apple targets iPod users with crazy graphics, but the message is easy to understand: “iTunes has a lot of stuff.”

Less than ten words of copy. When you’re driving, how much attention can you afford to devote to a billboard? Five seconds, maybe ten.  The message on a billboard has to be easy to understand instantly.

Creativity. Be memorable. Boring billboards go in one eyeball and out the other.  Outdoor advertisements give you the opportunity to think outside the box, to be creative and funny.  Take full advantage of that.  I don’t know where Silberman’s Fitness Center is, but this is great:

Bright and colorful graphics. In my humble opinion, the best billboards use only visuals to convey a message.  Check out this Imodium billboard:

There’s a distinct feeling of panic that accompanies running out of toilet paper, especially when one’s gastrointestinal tract has been compromised.  Imodium captures that panic without saying a word.

In summary: keep the message short and simple, be creative, use graphics. For billboards to capture attention, they must have a creative, out-of-the-ordinary message.  How can I apply these ideas to our Lakeland Lawn Care project?

Well, each of these billboards embodies the core of a message.  So, what’s the core of the message we’re trying to spread for Lakeland Lawn Care?

Hmm.  Lakeland offers lawn applications that will make your yard healthy and green.  What about a billboard with a kid’s toes curling into a nice, lush lawn?  That would make me smile on my way to work.  Billboards can capture an audience–if they’re done right.  Let’s see what we can do!


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