Updating Your Facebook: The Social Media Equivalent of a Welcome Mat

Providing links to your social media platforms but never updating them makes potential customers think you’ve dropped off the face of the Earth.

You still here?

Unless you’ve boarded up the windows of your business for good, it’s probably a bad idea to abandon your social media platforms.  You don’t need twenty-seven new and exciting updates every day of the week.  In fact, you don’t even need one new post every day.  Just post consistently.  If you think you can post three days a week, post on the same day at the same time.  That way, reading your wonderful updates will become part of the daily routine of your fans.

Worried that you might forget to update/find yourself temporarily incapacitated/get stuck in traffic?  Use HootSuite, a website that allows you to schedule posts and updates in advance.  You can write all your updates on Sunday in your stretch-waistband flannel pajama pants, schedule them to go out during the upcoming week, and forget about it.  Basically, you set it and forget it.  (That might already be a slogan for something else.)

If you exist in real life and want to exist on your social media sites but don’t have the time to update, Baer can help.  We’re expert social media managers with an eye for detail.

Need proof?  Click to check out these Facebook pages, personally groomed and maintained by our social media managers:


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