How to Hatch A Marketing Plan

You probably watched the Grammys last night.  At the very least, you scanned a few red carpet photos online this morning so you could contribute to break room discussion today: “I agree–Rihanna did look like a layer cake!”

As expected, it was Lady Gaga who made headlines with her entrance.  She arrived in a massive semi-translucent egg, carried by a small entourage of well-sculpted men.  Her choreographer was on hand to explain that Gaga was “incubating.”

Of course she is.  Gaga never ceases to amaze:

She captured our attention with her entrance and disappeared behind the scenes.  Or the Grammys cut to commercial.  Something like that.  Gaga held our interest captive, kept us wanting more.  By the time she reappeared to perform, we were practically salivating with anticipation.

Then Gaga took the stage, hatched, and…performed.  Just performed.  She lacked most of the theatrics we’ve grown accustomed to seeing–no explosives/controversy/aerial stunts.  One blogger lamented her total lack of fake blood and gruesome finality.

And not only did Gaga just perform, she just performed “Born This Way,” a song that many people have spent the past week comparing to Madonna’s “Express Yourself.”

Well, I do have good news.

We can learn TWO marketing lessons here.

1. When you decide to create a marketing plan, follow-through is key.  Hook potential consumers and get your message across.  Know what your audience is expecting and deliver.  Don’t fall flat!  You want to generate positive buzz.

2. The best marketing ideas are unique–and original.  You can’t be unique in the same way that someone else is unique.  If your creative concepts are just a copy of what someone else has already done, you risk being “like” someone.  If you’re “like” Madonna, it means you’re trying to do her thing…just not as awesome.

As always, the wonderful people of Baer are in the office, fully prepared to dispense marketing advice.  But we like watercooler gossip too.


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